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The Second Meeting of the Steering Committee of APEC Earthquake Response Cooperation Program on Energy Supply Systems

Organizing Report on APEC Seminar on Earthquake
Disaster Management of Energy Supply Systems

Ching-Hwa Meng
September forth, 2001
Chinese Taipei

APEC Seminar on Earthquake Disaster Management of Energy Supply Systems

Purpose: To enhance mutual understanding of earthquake emergency management of energy infrastructure

Date: September 5-6, 2001

Venue: Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei / B2

Participants: APEC Member Economies


Seminar Chairman¡GMr. Shin-Ming Chung, Chinese Taipei

Date / Time
Session & Session Chairs
9/5 09:10~09:40
Some Observation about the 1999 Chi-Chi, Taiwan Earthquake
Dr. Yi-Ben Tsai, Chinese Taipei
9/5 10:10~11:30
Session 1:Institutional Framework for Emergency Response of Energy Supply Systems
Mr. Allan Gillespie, Australia
3¡XChina, New Zealand, Chinese Taipei
9/5 13:00~15:20
Session 2:Past Earthquake Experience Related to Energy Supply Infrastructure
Dr. Xing Jin, China
6¡XJapan, Mexico, Chinese Taipei
9/5 15:40~18:10
Session 3:Earthquake Risk Assessment and Information Systems for Energy Supply Infrastructure
Mr. Tan Pham, New Zealand
7¡XJapan, New Zealand, U.S.A., Chinese Taipei, Vietnam
9/6 09:00~11:40
Session 4:Earthquake Preparedness and Response Planning for Energy Supply Systems
Dr. Ban-Jwu Shih, Chinese Taipei
6¡XAustralia, Japan, China, Korea
9/6 11:40~12:20
Session 5:Panel Discussion on Coordination of Earthquake Response Among APEC Member Economies for Energy Supply Systems
Mr. Shin-Ming Chung, Chinese Taipei
4 panelists¡G Mr. Allan Gillespie, Dr. Xing Jin, Mr. Tan Pham, Dr. Ban-Jwu Shih

Speakers and Abroad Participants

Australia Dr. Clive D.N. Collins
China Mr. Qin He, Dr. Xing Jin , Mr. Shanyou Li
Japan Mr. Masanobu Noda, Mr. Fumio Yamazaki, Mr. Akifumi Kawata
Korea Dr. Jong-Rim Lee
Mexico Mr. Francisco Santander, Mr. Guillermo Camacho
New Zealand Mr. Tan Pham, Mr. David Brunsdon, Dr. Robin Falconer
Chinese Taipei Dr. Ban-Jwu Shih, Mr. Jei-Yuan Chen, Dr. Yuan His Lee, Mr. Chii Wen Lin, Mr. Biao-Sheng Chang, Dr. Chin-Hsiung Loh, Dr. Chin-Hsun Yeh
U.S.A. Dr. Masanobu Shinozuka
Vietnam Dr. Nguyen Nguc Thuy

Site Visit

Date / Time
9/6 14:30~15:30
Seismology Center of Central Weather Bureau
9/6 16:00~17:00
National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering



Date / Time
Banquet / Venue
9/5 18:30~20:30
Welcome Reception
B2 Magnolia, Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei
9/6 18:30~20:30
Farewell Banquet
Howard Skyline Restaurant, Taipei

Seminar Printings¡BRegistration

Abroad: 1st & 2nd Announcement


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