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The Second Steering Committee Meeting of APEC Earthquake Response Cooperation Program for Energy Supply Systems

Introduction to the Web Site of the APEC Earthquake Response Cooperation Program on Energy Supply Systems

Teh-chuan Sung
Chinese Taipei
September 8, 2001


  • Functions of the Web Site
  • Designed Structure
  • Current Progress
  • Future works

Functions of the Web Site

  • Provide a platform for information sharing and communication which includes:
    -- earthquake experiences
    -- guidelines and practices on emergency management
    -- technical documents and guidelines on earthquake engineering and lifeline engineering
    -- online discussion forum
    -- contact details of experts and relevant organizations

Designed Structure

Current Progress

  • Web site structure has been established.
  • Documents
    -- The first steering committee meeting
    -- EWG 21 related documents
    -- Background documents
    -- The first and second domestic expert group meetings

Future Works

  • Enriching the content of the web site
    -- The seminar papers
    -- The project report
    -- Resources and Links

  • Enhancing the function of the web site
    -- Establishing discussion forum
    -- Establishing linkages with related web sites (e.g. APEC Emergency Preparedness web site)

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