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The Second Meeting of the Steering Committee of APEC Earthquake Response Cooperation Program on Energy Supply Systems

Introduction to the Phase 2 of APEC Earthquake Response
Cooperation Program for Energy Supply Systems

Dr Jyuung-Shiauu Chern
Chinese Taipei
September 4, 2001


  • Objectives
  • Scope and Emphases of Phase 2
  • Key Components of Phase 2
  • APEC Workshop
  • Timetable for Phase 2
  • Key Components of Phase 3
  • Topics for discussion


  • To establish a cooperative contingency mechanism among the APEC member economies for energy supply systems in response to earthquakes
  • To provide the opportunity for APEC member economies to share their experiences in both preventing the collapse of energy supply systems during earthquakes and rebuilding these systems after earthquakes

Scope and Emphases of Phase 2

  • Scope: Experience and information sharing, capacity building, cooperative system planning and establishment
  • Time frame: January 2002 to December 2002
  • At Phase 2, the Program will emphasise on technical and regulatory aspects as the first step to enhance participantsˇ¦ capabilities on earthquake disaster management of energy supply systems

Key Components of Phase 2

  • Survey interests of participation by member economies
  • Hold domestic expert group meetings
  • Hold APEC project steering committee meetings
  • Enhance the functions of Internet web site
  • Hold a workshop on seismic design and regulations of energy infrastructure
  • Compile and analyze information from APEC members and deliver Report on Energy Infrastructure
  • Earthquake Resistance Guidelines and Regulations of APEC Economies
  • Develop a preliminary framework for earthquake response cooperation mechanism.

APEC Workshop on Seismic Design and Regulations of Energy Infrastructure

  • Purpose: To facilitate capacity building of APEC member economies on technical and regulatory aspects of energy infrastructure against earthquake damages
  • Date: July, 2002
  • Participants: APEC Member Economies
  • Potential Topics:
    • Post-earthquake investigation and restoration
    • Energy infrastructure oriented geographic information system
    • Energy infrastructure earthquake resistance guidelines and regulations
    • Earthquake potential hazard assessment for energy supply infrastructure

Timetables for Phase 2

  • Domestic Expert Group Meetings __Every month
  • Project Steering Committee meetings __March and August
  • Internet web site
    • Regular maintenance __When necessary
    • Establish an online discussion forum __March
  • Hold a workshop __July
    • identify and confirm a venue and date __April
    • each member economy recommends speakers __April
    • announce the seminar __April
    • collect papers from speakers __July
    • prepared the proceedings __July
    • hold the workshop __July
    • evaluate the workshop __July
  • Compile and analyze energy infrastructure siting,construction, and operation guidelines and regulations
    • information collection __August
    • Compile and analyze information __October
    • publish and disseminate the report __November
  • Preliminary cooperation mechanism __November

Key Components of Phase 3

  • Hold Domestic Expert Group Meetings
  • Hold APEC Project Steering Committee Meetings
  • Maintain Internet web site
  • Hold a seminar
  • Complete Report on Earthquake Response Cooperation on Energy Supply Systems in APEC Economies

Topics for Discussion

  • Schedule and deliverables of Phase 2
  • Arrangement of the workshop
  • Planning of Phase 3
  • Date of the third steering committee meeting

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