Steering Committee

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First Meeting of the Steering Committee of the APEC Earthquake Response Cooperation Program for Energy Supply Systems, Phase 2, 2002

Meeting Period: June 12-26, 2002
Meeting Style: Internet Meeting


(I) Seminar:

A. Agenda:

The topics will be revised as follows:

1. Seismic design-construction standards, regulations and best practices for energy supply facilities.
2. Earthquake emergency response, restoration plans, post-earthquake construction and lessons learned for energy supply systems.
3. The application of advanced seismic early warning and protection technologies in the energy supply industry.
4. Cooperation mechanism.

B. Expert Group Workshop

The discussion topics for expert group workshop will cover:

1. Examples from APEC member economies illustrating best practices in seismic design-construction standards and regulations
for energy supply systems.
2. Guides on how to improve the earthquake performance of energy supply systems.
3. Guides on how to prepare and implement an effective emergency response and restoration plans after a major earthquake.
4. Survey of the requirements of energy suppliers in APEC member economies for an effective co-operation mechanism after a major earthquake.

(II) Final Report Outline:

The report name will be revised as:
Seismic design-construction standards, regulation and best practices in APEC for energy supply systems.

(III) Questionnaires:

A. Seismic Standard and Regulation Questionnaires on Energy Supply System.
In the content, will replace "act" by "law", "norm" by "code".

B. Questionnaires for Energy Facility Services/Construction Company
It is suggested to broaden questionnaire topic from earthquake response experience to other natural disasters and emergencies response experience; however, in that case, it might be beyond the scope of this initiative.

(IV) Cooperation Mechanism

General framework of voluntary sharing information, experience, and resources has been brought up. Since the cooperation mechanism will be one of the topics to be discussed at the Expert Group Workshop, it is suggested that each steering committee member present their opinion on the cooperation mechanism at the Expert Group Workshop.

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