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Seminar on Earthquake Disaster Management of Energy Supply Systems, 2002

ĦE Time

Sep. 5, 2002--Seminar
Sep. 6, 2002--Round-Table Discussion

ĦE Place The Grand Hotel, Taipei, Chinese Taipei
ĦE Topics
1. Seismic design-construction standards, regulations and best practices for energy supply facilities
2. Earthquake emergency response, restoration plans, post-earthquake construction and lessons learned for energy supply systems
3. The application of advanced seismic early warning and protection technologies in the energy supply industry
4. Cooperation mechanism
ĦE Sponsor Energy Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Chinese Taipei
ĦE Organizer Industrial Technology Research Institute, Chinese Taipei
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Mr. Jui-Kun Chiu
Tel: +886-3-5918495, Fax: +886-3-5820376

Mr. Max Yu
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